Leptos Group History

The Leptos Group is the leading group in land development in Cyprus. Its strategy is to undertake high-quality, unique projects which respect and enhance the environment. With the numerous developments it has completed the Group has led the way for the industry.

The philosophy of Michael Leptos, founder and executive chairman of the Group, is to execute projects with sophistication, quality and excellence in design whilst remaining conscious of the environment it shares.

"At the Leptos Group, we believe that the value of an enterprise is not measured by the returns of the day, but by the legacy one leaves behind.

Our history has been a thriving era not only for the Leptos Group, but particularly for the regions that we have developed, regions which have since flourished and today rejoice in property.

Yet our ambitious aims require a concerted team effort and a positive disposition towards property development from all industry stakeholders, especially from the state and the local community. Any creation requires knowledge, vision and optimism but most of all persistence, virtues which the Leptos Group has demonstrated in its activities.

I am extremely proud of our progress in the knowledge that future performance is bright, being based firmly on the solid foundations from which we have grown." The Leptos Group has deep roots dating back almost five decades and in reaching its current pre-eminence has overcome many difficulties. In the early 1960s Michael Leptos, a man with great vision, was an innovator in starting the property development business in Kyrenia.
Following the 1974 events in Cyprus, the Group’s activities were relocated to the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf with an emphasis on constructing major residential developments. An example of these was the Saudia City project in Jeddah, comprising 4000 homes, which was considered ground-breaking at that time.

The town of Paphos in Cyprus, with its exquisite natural beauty and history, offered great potential for development and this was the next important step for the Leptos Group. In addition to the 5-star Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, the Coral Thalassa Hotel & Spa and a number of other hotels, the Leptos Group focused on the construction of residential and holiday homes, as well as shopping centres.

These residences are characterised by harmony with the environment, satisfying even the most demanding of customer tastes and avoiding the feeling of mass production. Sea-front villas, resort residences and hillside houses were built with the philosophy of creating a neighbourhood feeling. All these projects are built around lush gardens. Extensive tree planting was carried out to develop and beautify the environment.

One of the most unique villa developments in Paphos is “Kamares Village”, which has gained prestigious international real estate awards. Upon completion, the development is expected to reach over 1000 villas, making it the biggest holiday home development in Cyprus.
The Group is widely expanding in Greece through prestigious residential and holiday developments as well as luxury hotels. Major emphasis has been given to Chania in Crete, Paros and Santorini, three of the most beautiful Greek islands.

The Leptos Group is currently carrying out two unique mega projects. The first is located in the Paphos region and covers an area of 111 hectares - more than 1.1 million square metres. This is the Neapolis project, which will thereby create a new town in between the town of Paphos and the town of Geroskipou. There are a number of special aspects to the project, such as the development of an up-to-date hospital, private university, innovation centre, shopping mall, business & commercial centre, residences and park areas. The Neapolis project is considered to be the most ambitious construction challenge that has been taken on in the Mediterranean.
The second mega project is Costa Nopia, covering an area of around 65 hectares and situated at the Kissamos Bay in Chania, Crete. The development will comprise hotel accommodation, holiday homes, a marina, sport facilities, shopping and entertainment areas with a large conference centre.

In summary, the greatest emphasis of the Leptos Group is the continuous redefinition of the term "land development" in conjunction with a deep-rooted concern for the environment.



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