Commerce Minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis is optimistic that arrivals and tourism revenue for 2014 will be better than last year

Commerce Minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis is optimistic that arrivals and tourism revenue for 2014 will be better than last year, while 2015 is expected to be even better following the extension of the tourist season.

Speaking at a ceremony to sign a memorandum of collaboration with the University of Cyprus, Lakkotrypis said that although figures show that arrivals were down in May, this may be due to the fact that last year’s season had coincided with the Russian Easter.
“The inflow has started to increase now and we estimate that by the end of 2014 we will have a good year,” Lakkotrypis said.

The minister also stressed that efforts are currently underway to extend the tourist season by a few weeks, namely until November this year and even further the following year.
“From 2015 we are expecting all the agreements we have signed to be fully implemented and there will be improvements with regards to winter tourism, which is something we all desperately want, to see the infrastructures that are inactive for many months utilised.”

Commenting on the Cyprus’ performance in comparison to other competitive destinations such as Greece and Bulgaria, Lakkotrypis said that the two main issues affecting the Cypriot tourist industry are competitiveness in prices and accessibility.

The minister explained that the issue of accessibility will be improved when the agreements signed with various airlines are implemented in 2015, while he stressed that other countries set their prices much lower due to the financial crisis which improved their competitiveness.
“Our strategy is not to compete with other destinations based on prices, but based on the quality we offer. This is why we are promoting infrastructure projects such as golf courses, marinas and casinos.”

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