Paphos in the 10 Best Places To Visit In Europe In 2017

Paphos, Cyprus

Why: Paphos, and Cyprus as a whole, flies well under the radar when it comes to European destinations, though I'm baffled as to why. Perhaps it’s because Greece, Malta and Italy are so much closer to Western Europe, or perhaps the tumult of the nations surrounding Cyprus has given it a bad reputation. Whatever the cause, Paphos’ recognition as the European Capital of Culture for 2017 means it will be buzzing even more than usual, with hundreds of events aimed at exploring, sharing and connecting different cultures of the local region and beyond.

As The Telegraph explains, “Cyprus is a land for romantics, dotted with castles, churches, monasteries, mosaics, white-sand beaches and the bluest of seas. Early suitors include Marc Antony, who thought the island so fragrant he gave it to Cleopatra, and Richard the Lionheart, who briefly put down his crossbow to marry there.” Beware of when you go, though, as Cyprus can get devastatingly hot: “You can bet neither of these alpha males had the energy for anything in August, when the heat is so paralysing you could be on Mars.” With that said, 300 days of sunshine per year and January temperatures in the mid-sixties makes a pretty strong case for a winter vacation in Cyprus.

Average Highs: 86° F July, 63° F January
Flights From London: $120+ roundtrip



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